Virtus | WB Electronics


Micro unmanned quadrocopter

The primary application of this quadrocopter is to provide support to the military and special forces operations in urbanized areas and within buildings. The flying platform is powered by four electrical motors that allow for covert activities. No equipment is required for takeoff and landing operations – the flying platform takes off vertically from the ground and lands on the ground or any other flat surface.

Due to modular observation heads (day time and infrared), the system is capable of performing observations during the day and under difficult conditions (night time, smoke). VIRTUS is equipped with an autopilot system, allowing for flights to be safely conducted in auto –nomous mode, based on a task route and timetable prepared by the operator at the base station in advance of the mission.

Manual control is also possible, utilizing a ground control station console, video imaging located on the flying platform. The ground control station, antenna array and flying platform can be transported in a single backpack by one soldier.

VIRTUS system can be employed in numerous scenarios
– continuous visual monitoring whilst hovering over the object
– continuous monitoring from the stationary position reached in advance
– observation on the move, in the open air

Free space to start Circle with a radius 5m
Operating range 2,5 km open area, ~1 km urban area (depends of radio frequency)
Max. altitude 250 m above ground, 3000 m AMSL
Operating altitude 5 – 100 m above ground
Flight duration More than 30 minutes
Takeoff weight 3,1 kg
Max flight speed (horizontal) Not less than 40 km/h
Min flight speed (horizontal) 0 km/h (hover)
Throughput data distribution system 3 Mb/s
Real time video transmission & recording
Digital transmission of telemetry and imaging data
resistance and video signal to interference
autonomous flight along a defined route
Automatic ‘return home’ in case of communications loss
Radio communication frequency defined by the user
determining coordinates accurate to 25 m
Dual-core stabilized optoelectronic payload with daylight (res. 720×576 PAL, 10x zoom optical & infrared (res. 640×512, 4x  digital zoom) onboard