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ZZKO Topaz Liwiec

The task that WB Electronics imposed on itself was to integrate the ZZKO TOPAZ (Automated Fire Control System for ground artillery) with the LIWIEC artillery radar.

In order to develop a two-way communication between systems, a specialized LINET protocol was used. Exchange of information between the systems is automatic.

Transferring Information
ZZKO TOPAZ (Automated Fire Control System for ground artillery) – LIWIEC:
all information relating to management of the battlefield: tactical situation, handling shooting, information about the location of squadron elements , providing information about  targets, receiving information about all fire missions created in the fire control system including the planned ones.

Command from the position of Squadron Commander:    
LIWIEC receives information about intended destination, azimuth of the antenna, setting of the observation sector.

Transferring Information
LIWIEC – ZZKO TOPAZ (Automated Fire Control System for ground artillery):

location information, information about readiness to act, direction of the antenna, direction of the detected source of fire, creation of a projectile trajectory and estimation of coordinates of the place of shot and the place of fall, detection of projectiles (type, calibre, etc.), determination of the middle of the volley (the area of fire origin), classification of targets (may enter a surface target to ZZKO TOPAZ), etc.

Significantly reduces the system response time to fire – after a few seconds of flight, the missile is detected, within a second it can enter the target to ZZKO TOPAZ in order to distribute this information within the next 2-3 seconds so that the opponent’s target is known before the missile reaches its destination.

LIWIEC receives from ZZKO TOPAZ information on the progress of execution of the fire mission. Detection of the location of its own missiles destination point is possible through the introduction of fire correction to ZZKO TOPAZ. 

LIWIEC has been integrated with ZZKO TOPAZ in the command system as one of the elements of the reconnaissance systems and is used by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland.