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SKO-M is an artillery system that supports mortar command, using the latest information and communication technology.

Its application includes fire mission management and management of information necessary for coordination and optimisation of the use of artillery fire.

The experience learned with ZZKO TOPAZ – Automated Fire Control System allowed us to expand our offer with Mortar Fire Control System SKO-M  – a product dedicated to this piece of weaponry.

Mortar Fire Control System SKO-M is used in order to provide computerised control and coordination of operations for artillery units operating mortars (typically a platoon level).

Individual components of the system make it possible to operate in automated mode with regard to sourcing of target information, designation of fire missions, conducting ballistic calculations and correction of mortar fire.

Moreover, Mortar Fire Control System SKO-M enables collaboration with higher levels of command in accordance with the principle of interoperability. The Mortar Fire Control System SKO-M allows to gain advantage on the battlefield through effective sourcing, distribution and processing of information in a dispersed command centres model in the theatre of war (TW).


The principal objective of the system designers was to ensure maximum safety of operation. In order to achieve that objective the following has been implemented:
remote control of a surveillance device (possibility of undercover control of firepower)
- algorithm of ballistic calculations executed by computer software,
– a number of tasks associated with preparation for operations, with the objective to determine safety conditions,
– digital transmission of data eliminating the possibility of errors and distortions

The use of Mortar Fire Control System SKO-M provides the opportunity to optimise the utilisation of available artillery fire resources to ensure adequate  firepower at the right time and the right place. Mortar Fire Control System SKO-M has been designed as a portable system, not associated with any type of carrier (a vehicle) or with mortars. Functionally, Mortar Fire Control System SKO-M features all virtues of an artillery system, the system suggests, in an automated manner, the proper fire mission based on analysis of the effectiveness of existing resources and tactical decisions made ​​by a commanding officer.

Mortar Fire Control System SKO-M, with appropriate modifications, can also be applied with drawn cannons, as a simple alternative for TOPAZ – Automated Fire Control System.  Mortar Fire Control System SKO-M, similarly to Automated Fire Control System TOPAZ may also utilise the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  Fly Eye as a surveillance measure to carry out surveillance for artillery operations.