PSI | WB Electronics


IT heart of the C4I system for a Future Soldier

WB Electronics S.A. is a C4ISR system leader in the TYTAN Project – Individual Warfare System for a Polish Future Soldier.

The Personal Soldier’s Communicator PSI is a device, which is considered to be an IT heart of the system. Through combining  three different devices in a single casing, that is: a mobile phone (smart phone), a PDA (personal digital assistant) computer and soldier’s personal radio, the designers created a device featuring a functional polymorphism.

Integration of functions of three devices in one handy casing, use of the possibility for installation of a secure High Data Rate operational coalition Waveform (HDR WF) and assurance of reliable radio communications through a broadband SDR (Software-Defined Radio) radio station with an appropriate level of encryption  – feature as an innovative hardware and software solution for PSI. Modularity and scalability of the device as well as its functional versatility make PSI a perfect component of military and civilian operational scenarios.

The Personal Soldier’s Communicator in a simple and intuitive way allows to combine and process image signals received from various sources and the C4ISR systems’ sensors and to access opto-electronic radio-electronic hardware and equipment with a single interactive display. Clear visualisation of tactical situation, control of data transmission and image processing, effective use of radio spectrum in a highly urbanized area, the implementation of audio-visual, navigation, sensory functions, data transfer based on the global GSM telecommunications infrastructure – are just a few of the basic functionalities offered by the device.

Also user integration in the C4ISR system on the base level, integration in the Battle Management System BMS, interoperability in international activities through HDR WF and MANET (mobile ad hoc network) type networking are the functions implemented by the Personal Soldier’s Communicator PSI


Individual features:
– functional polymorphism through integration of three devices in a single device
– modular design of the device
simple and intuitive handling
- reliable radio communication /xOFDM in UHF radio spectrum/
– the use of interoperable High Data Rate operational  Waveform (HDR WF)
– the possibility of military as well as civilian use
– functionality of a mobile phone based on Global System for Mobile Communications /GSM/

Dimensions of the device*: 165 x 40 x 95 mm
Weight: approximately 950 g
Radio communication range:  1 000 m
Type of modulation: x OFDM
Operational waveband: 200÷600 MHz
Type of power source: two independent, interchangeable battery packs

* the device height is given without an antenna height