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Desktop with the Liod-F Display

The  LIOD-F desktop is a device used to display simple text or numeric information.
It provides conference voice communication and access to radio stations in the same way as the CZS-2CS desktop.
It can be placed in the vicinity of on-board gunner or driver positions.

Messages displayed on the desktop can be generated in the KOMUT-10TA central unit or in another source of data connected to any terminal of the system.

Data exchange protocol used in the KOMUT-10TA central unit allows addressing a number of LIOD-F desktops and displaying  various messages or orders. Reception and confirmation of messages on the desktop operator actions can be performed using buttons on the desktop. A superior officer has access to all means of communication, digital  voice communication and data from other military vehicles and from members of his / her own crew.

In its standard version, the  desktop is equipped with a power supply and signal connector for connection with the central unit, a connector for connecting a headset with a tangent switch, and an optional connector.

An optional connector is capable of performing the following functions:
– an additional headset port (second user);
– data transmission port (RS232, RS422, CAN, etc.);
– an alarm port (8 inputs to integrate alarm signals);