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The KOMUT-10TA device is a central unit of the Digital Internal Communications System FONET. It is a communications server used to build communications networks at the level of a vehicle or a group of vehicles.

KOMUT-10TA is equipped with  a range of interfaces allowing for cooperation with the devices incorporated into a combat military vehicle equipment and with desktops of the FONET system. It is responsible for digital voice communications and data transmission between integrated means of communications, superior officers etc. 

With the built-in network interface, it  provides IP services such as VoIP telephony and data transmission in distributed networks. The central unit is available in many versions, depending on the needs of a given implementation.  It is equipped with a different number of radio station ports, various types of data transmission ports, etc.

The central unit is also provided in special versions for specific requirements. The design of the central unit ensures a high level of resistance to environmental conditions and allows use in difficult conditions.

Compact design and small weight (2.55 kg) facilitates interior fitting in military vehicles.  This device complies with the requirements of MIL-STD 461E with regard to  susceptibility and emission of electromagnetic radiation.

It can be combined with other elements of the FONET system in accordance with the required installation functionality as well as with other devices of  the vehicle equipment.

The central unit, in its basic version, meets the requirements of most implementations. This version supports radio stations with data transmission, cooperates with other digital devices and with superior officers’  desktops.

The basic version of KOMUT-10TA provides the following interfaces:  

– 4 radio station ports to transmit audio and data (asynchronously), and management
– 2 additional asynchronous data transmission  ports,
– 2  additional synchronous data transmission  ports,
– 11 link ports to connect superior officers’ desktops,
– 1 port to connect the parent CPU (cascading connection),
– audio port (suitable for a speaker or a 5th radio station),
– a power connector,
– 2 Ethernet ports,
– a test port