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Jobs and Careers

WB Electronics is the leader of the WB Group, the largest capital group in the defence industry. Its success is down to the strategy adopted by the Group of offering the most innovative and state-of-the-art technology solutions, going well beyond current standards. This would not have been possible without the outstanding engineers and scientists, which are the Group’s greatest asset. The continuing and sustained investment of the Group in R&D places it among the most innovative companies in Poland.

At the WB Group, we are looking for people with passion that are not afraid of challenges and being dedicated and involved in a workplace where products of 21st century are designed and manufactured that set modern standards. Persons that are intent on pursuing their goals and fulfilling their dreams of working on the most technologically advanced solutions. We offer our employees the opportunity to expand and develop their knowledge, acquire practical experience and expertise, as well as participate in a wide variety of projects in a friendly working environment and with flexible working hours.

The WB Group closely cooperates with many scientific and research centres. These include the Silesian University of Technology, the Gdansk University of Technology, the Warsaw University of Technology, the Military University of Technology, the Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry, the Military Institute of Armament Technology, the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine and the National Centre for Research and Development, which co-finance the numerous projects undertaken by WB Electronics. In this way, we are giving our employees the opportunity to cooperate and share their skills and experience with the major scientific and research centres in Poland.

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