GS20-2DNL | WB Electronics


GS20-2DNL is an enhanced functionality observation payload.

GS20-2DNL features both a CCD camera with greater optical capabilities than those of GS2UM and a laser rangefinder which enables measuring distances up to several kilometres.

It is designed to be used both onboard manned aircrafts and unmanned aerial vehicles as well as ground military vehicles. 

General features:

– High level of solutions unification in comparison to the GS-2UM observation payload
– Wide range of application options from unmanned aerial vehicles and manned aircrafts to ground military vehicles (tanks, combat vehicles, vehicles of the uniformed services)
– Full range of observation in the horizontal plane (unlimited rotation)
– Possibility of observation using a CCD camera or a infrared (thermal) camera depending on current needs
– Installation of a laser rangefinder that enables measurement of  distances up to 10 km
– The possibility to obtain several readings for a single measurement via a rangefinder (in case of many objects appearing in the visual field of the laser beam)
– Feedback on payload location for high-level topographic and geodetic calculation systems allowing, in conjunction with external system of spatial orientation and direction, to determine the location of the observed objects
– Low weight and moderate energy consumption
– High stabilization precision at 50 μrad
– Unprecedented precision of control
– High quality of materials used for equipment construction (air composites, high strength aluminium alloys)


Camera CCD
PAL, 760 000 pixels, 800×600
Horizontal viewing angle
42.2′ (wide) to 1.6′ (tele)
26x Optical
Infrared (thermal) camera
VGA resolution
PAL, 640×480
Viewing angle
25′ x 20′
Operational band
7,5-13,5 µm
Laser rangefinder
Diode laser, 1550 nm, Class 1
Accuracy of measurement
< 1m
Measurement range
10m – 5 000m
Target detection
25m .. 50m, multiple target detection
Measuring time
< 1s
50 µrad
Pan operational axis range
N x 360′
Tilt operational axis range
Communication Interface
Energy consumption
28V DC; 30W
Operational temperature range
-40’C do +60’C
1,8 kg
250 mm (height) x 170 mm (diameter)