GS-2UM | WB Electronics


Gyro-stabilized Observation Payload

GS2-UM is a gyro-stabilized observation payload, developed by WB Electronics, which integrates  a CCD daylight camera and an infrared (thermal) camera in a single device.  

It is a biaxial, multi-sensor observation device of the smallest size and weight compared to similar solutions in this class.

Due to the innovative technology incorporated in the device, it offers the possibility of exact observation, tracking and target identification. 

Characteristic features:

– Wide range of applications
– Used as an observation payload onboard unmanned aerial vehicles
– Suitable for installation onboard ground military vehicles
– Full range of observation in the horizontal plane (N x 360 °)
– Possibility of observation using a CCD camera and an infrared camera, depending on current needs without the need to replace the payload
– Feedback on payload location for high-level topographic and geodetic calculation systems allowing, in conjunction with external system of spatial orientation and direction, to determine the location of the observed object
– Low weight and low energy consumption
– High stabilization precision at 50 μrad obtained by an original solution of the control application
– Very high control precision achieved through innovative mechanical solutions
– High quality of materials used for equipment construction (air composites, high strength aluminium alloys)


Camera CCD
PAL, 440 000 pixels, 800 x 600
Horizontal viewing angle
46′ (wide) to 5.0′ (tele)
10x Optical
Camera Infrared (thermal)
VGA resolution
PAL, 640×480
Viewing angle
25′ x 20′
Operational band
7,5 – 13,5 µm
50 µrad
Pan operational axis range
N x 360′
Tilt operational axis range
Communication Interface
RS485, Composite Video
Energy consumption
12V DC; 10W
Operational temperature range
-40′ to +60′
1 kg
187 mm (height) x 128 mm (diameter)