DD9620T-S | WB Electronics


Vehicle military server designed for use in network-centric command and reconnaissance military vehicles.

The DD9620T-S server is a device that integrates basic functional modules which enable construction of ICT infrastructure of modern battlefield and tactical level command vehicles.

Carefully selected device architecture makes it possible to fully implement modern battlefield management systems (BMS) tasks necessary to obtain full situational awarenes

The server is fully compatible with tactical and operational level command posts’ LAN/WAN field networks.

Reliable, multiple disk mass storage allows for storage of large amounts of data, including video streams transmitted by cameras installed outside the vehicle or received from unmanned aerial vehicles.

The design of the device ensures its full reliability under adverse environmental conditions to which the equipment of wheeled and tracked military vehicles is exposed – especially while operating in terrain conditions and under a wide range of ambient temperatures and humidity.

The server software was developed on the basis of the LINUX operating system distribution, customized by WB Electronics S.A and optimized to perform the following functions:

– TCP/IP router
– configurable firewall
– Web and e-mail server
– files and application server
– VoIP server
– TCP/IP – WBNET internetwork bridge
– WBNET configurable router
– RAID-5 disk array manager
– wired networks diagnostics and configuration
– support for analogue and digital radio stations
– radio station diagnostics and configuration
– radio networks diagnostics and configuration

New DD9620T-S server features may be added by installing new or updating existing software modules.


Processor Core I7 2610UE up to 2.4GHz
RAM 4 GB (I7)
Graphics card GMA3150/HD 3000
SSD built-in SATADOM 8 GB
SSD removable 4 x SATA SD 2,5”
Display Optional
Keyboard Yes
OS Windows 7, Linux
Other interfaces FONET TWI & SHDSL TWI
Serial ports 1 x RS232; 9x RS232/RS422/RS485/CAN
USB ports 6xUSB
Video input 4 x compositelub 3 x S-Video
Ethernet 8 x ETH (100Mbit/s) + 3 x ETH (100Mbit/s)
VGA Optional
Audio Optional
Power supply 18-36 VDC
Hardware group by: NO-06-A103:2005 N.7-O-II-A, N.8-O-II-A, N.11-O-II-A and N.12-O-II-A with exception
resistant to electromagnetic exposure both conducted and emitted in accordance with NO.06A200 by KCS-01, KCS-06, KCS-08 (MIL-STD-461D by CS-101, CS-114, CS-116)
reduced electromagnetic emissions possible to work in close proximity to radio in accordance with NO.06A200 by KRE-02, KCE-02 (MIL-STD-461D by RE-102, CE-101)
Operating temperature -32°C / +55°C
Storage temperature -50°C / +70°C
Dimensions (W. x H. x D.) [mm] 253x163x378
Weight [kg] 7,01 ÷7,51 (aluminum case)