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Driver terminal

DD9620T-8 Terminal has been designed for military wheeled and tracked vehicles. This universal computer features 8” screen and a range of interfaces enabling connection of vehicle devices and systems. The terminal is equipped with numerous interfaces, including CAN, Ethernet, video, audio, USB and serial interfaces (RS232, RS422, RS485). Typically, it is used as a driver terminal enabling the connection of analog cameras, including rear-view video camera. Given a wide range of available interfaces, the terminal is operationally connectable to the vehicle CAN Bus based systems, and as a result it may be used to manage and monitor the vehicle systems (PMN – Platform Management System).

The Ethernet, USB and serial interfaces enable the integration of the information and communication system, inertial navigation, GPS and other systems. The terminal may also stream and display video from the side cameras of the troop compartment. When used as a driver terminal it may be controlled with a manipulator mounted on the vehicle steering wheel. The terminal may run on Linux, Android and MS Windows operating systems.



CPU, Memory, Graphics

CPU (ARM Cortex-A8) iMX-51 1x 800 MHz
Memory module 512 MB, 133 MHz LPDDR
System memory 4 GB
Video ports 4 x Composite Video
Communication Interfaces 2 x USB 2.0 HS

2 x Ethernet 100 Mbit

1 x CAN 2.0

1 x RS485

1 x RS232

1 x Audio


LCD size 8” 16:9
Resolution 800 x 480


External power supply 9 ÷ 36 VDC
Power consumption 20 W
Equipment groups

based on standard NO-06-A103:2005

N.7-O-II-A, N.8-O-II-A, N.11-O-II-A and N.12-O-II-A with some deviations (temperature)

Immunity to electromagnetic fields and emissions

Immunity to conducted and radiated electromagnetic emissions NO.06A200 based on KCS-01, KCS-06, KCS-08

(MIL-STD-461D based on CS-101,  CS-114, CS-116) compliant

Reduced electromagnetic radiation (may operate in the close proximity of the radio station)


NO.06A200 based on KRE-02, KCE-02

(MIL-STD-461D based on RE-102, CE-101 ) compliant

Weather resistance

Operating temperature range - 32 °C + 55 °C
Storage temperature range - 50 °C +70 °C

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (L  x H x W mm) 210 x 165 x 50
Weight [kg] 2.2