DD9620T | WB Electronics


Military vehicle terminal designed for use in all types of combat vehicles, command vehicles, cannons and rocket launchers

The DD9620T terminals feature a construction that provides resistance to extreme mechanical exposures, occurring in combat vehicles, including vehicles equipped with artillery weapons, and ensures resistance to environmental factors.

Wide range of terminal configuration options - including processor performance, memory capacity and type of interfaces – allows for optimal compatibility of the device with a particular application.

The efficient and convenient operation of the application software is possible via a touch screen and a unique keyboard surrounding the display (in case of the DD9620T base model with a 10 “screen).

The use of removable mass storage device allows for effective implementation of procedures which secure stored data against unauthorized access.

Configurable external connectors of the DD9620T terminals enable connection of various sensors and actuators, installed in combat vehicles.

Devices are equipped with a standard FONET system interface  and a headset connector, which allows them to operate as an element of a military vehicle intercom.

Typical applications of the DD9620T terminals include:

– combat workstation of a military vehicle commander
– radio and wired networks management terminal
– cannon commander terminal
– turret control computer
– BMS (Battlefield Management System) terminal
– BFT (Blue Force Tracking) system terminal
– navigation terminal
– VoIP terminal
– external cameras image display

The DD9620T terminals are available in a variety of releases

DD9620T – a terminal with a 10” diagonal screen
DD9620T V – an external cameras image display, with a 10” diagonal screen
DD9620T 15 – a  terminal with a 15” diagonal screen
DD9620T 5 – a  terminal with a 5” diagonal screen (a VoIP terminal)


Processor Intel Atom N455 1.6GHz / Core I7 2610UE up to 2.4GHz
RAM 2GB/DDR3 (Atom) / 4 GB (I7)
Graphics card GMA3150/HD 3000
SSD built-in SATADOM 8 GB
SSD removable SATA SSD- SLC 1,8” do 128 GB
Display size 10,4” (diagonal)
Resolution 1024×768 (XGA)
Brightness 1000 cd/m2 (LED)
Contrast 700:1
Touchscreen resistive, 4-line
Keyboard Yes
OS Windows 7, Linux
Other interfaces Headset port (PTT & ANR)
Serial ports 1 x RS232; 9x RS232/RS422/RS485/CAN
USB ports 6xUSB
Video input 4 x CVBS
Ethernet 1 x ETH (100Mbit/s), optional switch 3 x ETH (100Mbit/s)
VGA Optional
Audio Optional
Power supply 18-36 VDC
Power consumption 30W
Hardware group by: NO-06-A103:2005 N.7-O-II-A, N.8-O-II-A, N.11-O-II-A i N.12-O-II-A with exception
Resistant to electromagnetic exposure both conducted and emitted in accordance with NO.06A200 by KCS-01, KCS-06, KCS-08 (MIL-STD-461D by CS-101, CS-114, CS-116)
Reduced electromagnetic emissions
possible to work in close proximity to radio in accordance with NO.06A200 by KRE-02, KCE-02 (MIL-STD-461D by RE-102, CE-101)
Operating temperature -32°C / +55°C
Storage temperature -50°C / +70°C
Dimensions (W. x H. x D.) [mm] 235x90x293
Weight [kg] 4,96 ÷5,46 (aluminum case)