CZS-2TS | WB Electronics


The CZS-2TS desktop is a specialized device used to integrate the system with cable telephone communication networks. It is equipped with two independent telephone line ports allowing to connect to public telephone switchboards and enabling telephone calls using pulse dialling or DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency). In addition, one of the ports can be used as an interface for a field phone via a built-in ringdown. Additionally, due to the function of  DTMF signals recognition, the desktop allows the FONET system telephone access to means of communication integrated in the military vehicle (for example, radio station).

In its standard version, the  desktop is equipped with a power supply and signal connector for connection with the central unit, a connector for connecting telephone lines and an optional connector.

An optional connector is capable of performing the following functions:

– an alarm port (8 inputs to integrate alarm signals);