CZS-2FFS | WB Electronics


Crew Subscriber Desktop CZS-2FFS

The CZS-2FFS desktop is designed for higher level users who apart from communication and access to radio stations also make use of more advanced features.
They are capable of setting up calls in the system, allocating radio stations,  building a retransmission, controlling data flow etc.  The CZS-2FFS desktop is equipped with a three-button keypad designed to operate the setup menu as well as a sixteen position rotary switch with a set of indicator lights.

This easy to operate manipulative element allows for efficient and reliable operation in difficult conditions such as while driving a tracked vehicle.  Illuminated indicator lights on each switch position allow to read the status of other users and means of communication.

In its standard version, the  desktop is equipped with a power supply and signal connector for connection with the central unit, a connector for connecting a headset with a tangent switch and an optional connector.

An optional connector is capable of performing the following functions:
– an additional headset port (second user);
– data transmission port (RS232, RS422, CAN, etc.);
– an alarm port (8 inputs to integrate alarm signals);