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Terminal Subscriber Desktop CZS-2CS

The CZS-2CS desktop is the least sophisticated desktop of the system, designed for the military vehicle crew members, particularly for lower level operators, such as drivers, gunners, powder men.
The desktop provides the user with basic functions such as voice communications and access to radio stations.

Upon turning the system on, the logged operator is automatically connected to the selected conference and / or radio station, selected in the configuration.  The desktop user has access to basic intercom functions but he/she has no influence on the configuration of connections and the system operation mode.

In its standard version, the  desktop is equipped with a power supply and signal connector for connection with the central unit, a connector for connecting a headset with a tangent switch, and an optional connector.

An optional connector is capable of performing the following functions:
– an additional headset port (second user);
– data transmission port (RS232, RS422, CAN, etc.);
– an alarm port (8 inputs to integrate alarm signals);