BFC | WB Electronics


Portable military terminal designed for command and reconnaissance military vehicles and tactical level command positions.

The BFC terminal features a rugged design providing high mechanical and environmental resistance.

High processor performance and device memory capacity allow for efficient execution of data processing tasks specific to command and reconnaissance military vehicles and for tactical level command posts.

A standard keyboard and a touch screen provide high operating comfort even while working in a military vehicle moving in terrain conditions.

The use of removable mass storage device allows for an effective implementation of procedures protecting stored data against unauthorized access.

Large set of external connectors allows the BFC terminal to be used as a central element integrating sensors installed in the military vehicle or deployed at an observation post.

The device is equipped with a standard FONET system interface  and a headset which allows it to function as an element of a military vehicle intercom.

Typical applications of the BFC terminal:

– universal combat workpstation in a command military vehicle
– radio and wired networks management terminal
– fire control system terminal
– BMS (Battlefield Management System) terminal
– BFT (Blue Force Tracking) system terminal
– military, chemical and engineering reconnaissance terminal

Intel Atom do 1.6 GHz
Internal memory
Graphics card
Intel 945GSE lub Intel GMA950
Built-in mass storage
Removable mass storage
up to 128 GB SSD (SATA 1,8”)
Screen size
Screen resolution
1024×768 (XGA)
Screen brightness
700 cd/m2 (LED)
Screen contrast
Touch screen
resistive touch screen
96 keys, waterproof, illuminated
Pointing devices
2 analogue joysticks
FONET port
Headset connector
Serial ports
do 10
Serial ports
1 x RS232
Serial ports
9 x RS232/RS422/RS485/CAN
USB ports
up to 6
Video inputs
up to 4 Composite Video or up to 2 S-Video
Ethernet ports
up to 5
VGA outputs
up to 1
Optical connection
GPS optional
External power supply
18-36 VDC
Internal power supply
15V / 4.8Ah (Li-Ion)
Operational time (internal supply)
2 hours
Ingress Protection Rating
IP68 (suitable for submerged operation)
Shock resistance
fall from height of 1 m onto 10 cm thick wooden board
Vibration resistance
suitable to work onboard wheeled military vehicles without shock absorbers
Vibration resistance
additional absorbing plate (pad) required for tracked military vehicles
Operational temperature
from -30ºC to +50ºC
404 x 313 x 106 mm
9.4 kg