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About Us

WB Electronics S.A., the continuator of technological transformation in the Polish army and the defence sector. Operating in the field of specialised electronics and military IT, it has led the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland into the 21st century, setting binding standards in key areas for national security. It is the leader of the WB Group – the largest private defence industry group in Poland. Exporter of concepts and technologies to several dozen countries around the world, including the United States of America. It is guided in its business by innovativeness and the creation of major technological breakthroughs. The business philosophy adopted by us is expressed in a product offer that has incorporated unique solutions on a global scale, implemented in the toughest and most demanding markets.

Company Overview

The history of WB Electronics starts from its people. WB Electronics was established by prominent engineers, Piotr Wojciechowski, Adam Bartosiewicz and Krzysztof Wysocki in 1997, starting a new era in the Polish armaments industry. At the beginning, the Company employed a dozen or so workers. The impetus to further development came as early as in 1998 when the Ministry of National Defence wanted to purchase an artillery fire control system. From among the many companies invited to tender, only WB Electronics undertook to prepare the system. Two years later, the ZZKO TOPAZ (Automated Fire Control System for ground artillery) system was successfully implemented. A solution based on an innovative technological idea with total control over the entire product, including the source codes. TOPAZ established the binding common standards in the Polish Army, a system which is constantly being developed and for which there is no competition to this day in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. The success of ZZKO TOPAZ defined the course of the further development of WB Electronics, which was established for original and unique products that are intended to be competitive with the offer of the largest international concerns.

The product that gave the Company international recognition was devised in 2001 and constituted the FONET Digital Internal Communications System. The system integrated key components of the in-vehicle communication systems including computers and transceivers, with an integrated internal telephone function. Today, it is widely used not only in the Polish army but has also been sold to several dozen other countries. In 2009, the licence for FONET was sold to Harris, a company in USA, and it has quickly become the standard equipment of their armed forces.

WB Electronics is continuing to develop its competences in the field of communications, participating in key modernisation projects in the Polish army. One such project includes the Soldier of the Future “TYTAN” programme to which WB Electronics supplies PERAD 4010 transceivers using the most state-of-the-art radio wave modulation. This has enabled a radio to be developed for soldiers that has all the functions of a smartphone. The business philosophy of offering the best products is also evident in the PRS-1W contamination detector, which is the only global product that is capable of detecting nuclear weapon threats within only a fraction of a second from the attack.


The WB Group

Operating on global markets has given impetus for the further development of the Company. Creating an offer directed at comprehensive, complex and sophisticated systems that can effectively compete with the largest global players in the defence industry sector has paved the way to cooperation with recognised partners in Poland. This is how the partnership with Radmor S.A., the largest Polish producer of VHF FM mobile radio equipment, was formed. The mutually complementary offer of WB Electronics and Radmor lead to a specific product synergy.

WB Electronics continually extending its competences, also began to closely cooperate with AREX S.A., which possessed exceptional skills in the field of automation. Both companies worked on and implemented joint projects, including the RAK mortar turret project.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become another progressive area for WB Electronics. Here, we established cooperation with the Flytronic company from Gliwice, which is a research and development centre for the aviation industry.

This is how the WB Electronics Group began to form. The natural consequence of closer cooperation between the companies was the acquisition of shares by WB Electronics of the companies with which it was closely working. And so, in 2010, WB Electronics acquired a majority interest in Flytronic. One year later, Radmor S.A., Arex and MindMade, a research and development centre specialising in telecommunications, communications, telemetry and ICT, joined the Group.

The five entities whose competences are complementary, together created the WB Group, the largest private group in the defence industry in Poland. The competence area of the WB Group can be described as special electronics. The non accidental selection of Group members has led to a business synergy that is manifest in the reciprocal exchange of competences, experience, common product offer and sales channels. WB Electronics primarily offers communication, command and control systems, Radmor radio communication, Flytronic electronics and IT in the aerospace industry, MindMade is focused largely on special communication systems, and Arex on weapon control systems.

The competences of the WB Group have been confirmed by numerous awards and prizes, including it being the seven-time recipient of the “Defender” distinction, which is considered to be the most important award of the Polish defence industry. The TOPAZ artillery fire control system, the FONET Digital Internal Communications System and the mini BSL FlyEye are among some of the systems that have been recognised and awarded.

The success of the WB Group primarily results form a deep conviction that only the best products should be offered. Original solutions and ideas that lay down the standards not just in Poland but also worldwide.

The WB Group currently employees over 750 persons, over half of which are engineers. The WB Group, headed by WB Electronic, is the main producer and supplier of specialised electronics and modern command and control systems for the Polish Armed Forces. The group operates in various markets, including in USA, South America, North Africa, India, Vietnam and Malaysia.


Consortia and Competence Platforms

WB Electronics closely cooperates with many scientific and research centres. These include the Silesian University of Technology, the Gdansk University of Technology, the Warsaw University of Technology, the Military University of Technology, the Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry, the Military Institute of Armament Technology, the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine and the National Centre for Research and Development, which co-finance the numerous projects undertaken by WB Electronics.

The strategic role of WB Electronics for the Polish security and the development of the defence industry is confirmed by the Company’s participation in the BS9 Consortium and the Polish Aeronautical Technology Platform for Unmanned Aerial Systems.

WB Electronics is the leader and initiator of the BS9 Consortium, which was established in August 2013 in response to the demands of the Polish Armed Forces for modern unmanned systems. The objective of the Consortium is supplying the Polish Armed Forces and uniformed services with the most innovative and reliable solutions in the scope of unmanned systems. The Consortium consists of the top companies and research and development centres in Poland, including the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw, Flytronic, AM Technologies, the Silesian Science and Technology Centre of the Aviation Industry and the Military Electronic Works. For more information on the Consortium, visit: BS9.pl

The Polish Aeronautical Technology Platform for Unmanned Aerial Systems is yet another important agreement that is headed by WB Electronics. The Platform brings together seventeen scientific and industrial entities interested in the development of technologies in the scope of broadly understood unmanned systems. The aim of the newly established platform is to develop unmanned systems and technologies constituting their critical components. The members of the initiative have set their principal goal to be the design and manufacture of technology demonstrators in the following classes: MALE and VTOL unmanned aerial systems, short range tactical unmanned aerial systems and land or sea unmanned systems.


The Management Board

The Management Board of WB Electronics comprises of its founding members – Piotr Wojciechowski, President of the Management Board and Adam Bartosiewicz, Vice President of the Management Board. The core of the Company’s management is comprised of technically qualified persons and graduates of technical universities.


Piotr Wojciechowski, President of the Management Board
Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics (1984) and Faculty of Electrical Engineering (1986). Founder of “MOTGOS” and WG Electronics. Outstanding engineer, his inventions have revolutionised the functioning of the Polish army. He has participated in numerous projects relating to the modernisation of the army, including the creation of complex communications and control and command systems. Author of approx. 100 electronic and IT products. He is responsible for growth strategy, finance and sales at WB Electronics. Decorated with the silver and bronze medal for “Merits for National Defence.”

Adam Bartosiewcz, Vice President of the Management Board
A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics (1984) specialising in nuclear and medical electronics. In 1984-2001, research scientist at the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, co-designer of many devices and measuring technologies. At work, guided by passion and the desire to offer products that go beyond the minimum standards and requirements. Co-author and co-proprietor of numerous patents in Poland, Europe and USA. From 1995 to 2009, CEO of DEBRO UMS, producing unique apparatus for non-destructive testing of stress on railway tracks and rail wheels. He is responsible for the growth strategy, development of technologies and production at WB Electronics. Member of the Management Board of Radmor S.A. since 2011.